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The role of WMS system and WCS system in warehousing


Intelligent storage and logistics is the absolute development trend at present, it is important to understand the various aspects of intelligent storage and logistics and system application  


With the continuous development of science and technology, enterprises are gradually stepping into the era of automation. Due to the epidemic, unmanned storage is almost a decisive factor in determining production costs.  


All kinds of automatic equipment such as conveyor, stacker, shuttle car, robot, automatic guide car and so on began to introduce into warehouse management, the purpose is to improve the efficiency of warehouse operation, save management cost, improve income.  Automatic warehouse management system is also born in this environment, the main role is to realize automatic loading and unloading of unit goods, stacking, automatic access, automatic sorting, automatic packaging, automatic control and information management, help enterprises into the era of warehouse automation management faster.  


Weida automatic warehouse management system is mainly composed of hardware equipment and software system, software system is divided into WMS system and WCS system.  


WMS system introduction:  


WMS is the English abbreviation of warehouse management system, integrated warehousing management, warehousing management, material correspondence, inventory check, empty warehouse management, inventory statistics and many other functions, effectively control and track the warehouse logistics, to achieve a perfect enterprise storage information management, and can be connected with EPR, MRP, WCS and other software systems.  Better improve the depth and breadth of enterprise management.  


WCS system introduction:  


WCS is short for warehouse control system, is a layer between the WMS system and PLC system management control system, which can coordinate all kinds of logistics equipment such as conveyor, stacker, shuttle car and robot, automatic guided vehicles run between logistics equipment, mainly through the message engine, engine and task execution path optimization of task decomposition, analysis,  It provides execution guarantee and optimization for scheduling instructions of the upper system, and realizes integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of system interfaces of various devices.  


Role of WMS in warehouse management:  


1, can plan the location of goods, improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, easy to pick up the goods.  

2. It can record the operation changes in the database and the receiving and receiving situation of goods, and pass the information to the upstream ERP and downstream receiving departments through the data interface, forming a complete information closed loop and breaking the information island.  


3, the system can give guidance path according to the task, avoid the invalid search of picking personnel, improve the picking quantity and accuracy within the time.  


4. The system supports automatic replenishment. Through the automatic replenishment algorithm, it not only ensures the inventory quantity, but also improves the utilization rate of storage space and reduces the honeycomb phenomenon of cargo space.  


Role of WCS in Warehouse Management:  


1, automatic management of production line.  


2. Real-time monitoring of production line dynamics.  


3. Automatically assign production tasks of WMS software.  


4, multi-threaded processing, efficient operation.  


The combination of WMS and WCS can bring the realization of the efficient management of warehousing and logistics, and bring more contributions to the development of enterprises.  

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