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VISON Factory

VISON Factory

Sophisticated processing equipment

The company now has the comprehensive manufacturing capacity and quality of machining, riveting welding, stamping, forging, electrical processing, coating and precision machine manufacturing. It has more than 200 production and processing equipment, including 3 large-scale high-precision laser cutting machines, CNC flame cutting machines, 500t oil presses, 2 processing centers, various CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, shot blasting machines and other equipment. It has a complete shot blasting, primer, paint and drying assembly line.

Implementation guarantee

Standardized project management process VISON Intelligent has formulated a perfect project management system and strict project management process, continuously implemented and strengthened the project manager responsibility system, and ensured the successful implementation of the project by improving the efficiency of the production department, technology department and project management department.

"1 + 4" expert service project In the process of implementation, VISON Intelligent adopt the "1 + 4" service mode, in which a project manager leads a planning and design expert, an information system expert, a mechanical design expert and an electrical control expert to jointly provide technical support for the project and ensure that the project implementation team can obtain the required resource support in time. By continuously strengthening the management and system in the implementation process, vison Intelligent can effectively control the potential risks in the project implementation process.
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