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Shuttle shelf removing odor method


Due to the uneven quality of products in the industry, the quality of shelves and some subsequent odor problems may also be a bit heavy.  


Shelves accumulated in the warehouse storage period is long, with the passage of time shelves also have a variety of peculiar smell.  Therefore, how to remove the odor on the shelves of the warehouse is a headache.  


So how to remove the shuttle rack odor?  Vida recommends some good ways to do this.  


Baking soda: 500g baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is divided into two large glass bottles (with the lid off) and placed in containers or on supermarket shelves to get rid of odors.  Tea flavor. Put 50 grams of scented tea into the cloth bag, into the cabinet, can remove the odor.  Tangerine peel. Take 500 grams of fresh orange.  After finishing the orange, remove the peel and put it in the display case.  Three days later, when I opened the display case, the smell was gone.  


2. Sandalwood soap: Put 1 piece of sandalwood soap in the refrigerator and take out the wrapper, lemon water, cut the lemon into small pieces and put them on the shelf to remove the smell.  

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